About Proteck Wildlife Solutions

Florida is home to various species of wildlife, many of which can easily invade and take over a home or property. If you're dealing with any of these animals or pests firsthand, it's time to call Proteck Wildlife Solutions for wildlife removal in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas.

For the past 10 years, Proteck Wildlife Solutions has assisted thousands of families in Winter Springs and the rest of Central Florida rid their homes of rodents, insects, and wildlife. Customers have relied on our team to perform a multitude of services to find a complete solution to their problems. From wildlife trapping and wildlife removal in Orlando, FL, to home seal-ups and remedial services, our professionals are fluent in the wildlife control process and can provide you with results in no time.

We've learned the behavior patterns of many animals, so you can trust our team to apply the right techniques to address your issue. Typically, an animal's appearance is a one-off issue, while rodents are building some sort of habitat near your home. This allows for consistent invasion, which can lead to property damage and exposure to droppings and diseases. Your specific case might be different, however, and you can trust our team to find out why that may be.

In addition to our variety of wildlife and pest removal services, our team provides restoration and sanitation services. If your home has been damaged because of animals, our Winter Springs company can come by and provide full restoration and cleaning services for your property.

Overall, Proteck Wildlife Solutions is your all-in-one animal removal company, serving Winter Springs, Winter Park, Deltona, Orlando, FL and Central Florida. Call our hardworking wildlife removal specialists today at (407) 692-1855!