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Raccoon Removal in Winter Park, FL

As old woodlands are gradually cleared to open up space for new residential developments, encounters with pesky raccoons are becoming more frequent. Proteck Wildlife Solutions addresses this problem by providing raccoon removal in Winter Park, FL, and the surrounding areas.

For over 10 years, we have been a trusted name in affordable raccoon evictions and home seal-ups in Central and South Florida. We have over 3,000 sanitized, animal-free homes under warranty with our Animal Exclusion Guarantee (AEG).

Our fully licensed and insured company has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB and is an FWC-approved business. Count on our experienced critter control professionals to use an expert raccoon removal process that is 100% GUARANTEED and can be guaranteed for life. We solve your commonly encountered issues, including difficult jobs other companies cannot solve. In addition, we spare you from future raccoon infestations by performing comprehensive preventative measures.

People often call our raccoon removal team when they hear noises in their attic. However, they hesitate to do so until some wildlife has already caused thousands of dollars in damage. These pesky creatures soil on expensive insulation and chew through pipes, wires, ducts, fascia boards, and plumbing stacks.

Contact Proteck Wildlife Solutions immediately if you suspect wildlife in your home. We provide free, fast, and flexible raccoon inspections.

Orlando - (407) 692-1855
Miami - (305) 930-6602

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  • 100% guaranteed raccoon removal
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  • Free ducts and wires inspections
  • Sanitation with full home seal up!
  • Flat rates, one up-front price
  • FWC approved
  • Guaranteed removal
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Local raccoon removal experts
  • Humane removal
  • Dead animal location and removal

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Our Expert Raccoon Removal Process

  • Step One: Inspection

    Perform a full exterior inspection of the property (ground level, soffit level, roof level) to locate possible raccoon entry points; Locating and eliminating ALL entry points is paramount to successfully removing raccoons.

    Perform a full attic inspection, identifying evidence to determine all encroaching wildlife species and to what extent damages may have occurred.

    Provide a free written estimate outlining exactly what needs to be done to permanently remove raccoons and/or any remedial services necessary.
    We remove all raccoons for good.

  • Step Two: Seal-up / Raccoon Exclusion Services

    Once we determine what your exact issues are, our crew of specialists arrive and professionally repair any and all possible raccoon entry points.

    When other companies come out and only seal a couple of immediate areas, nuisance animals will simply move to another location on your home, creating a game of whack-a-mole with your time and money.

    Our specialists are experienced in knowing their next move, making us proficient in locating ALL possible areas necessary for successfully eliminating your problem the first time.

  • Step Three: Raccoon Trapping and Removal

    On the same day that we expertly seal-up your property, we set traps curated to the animal species we identified in your inspection.

    It is important to understand that while raccoons may have invaded your property, their food sources are still outside. Any raccoons that were outside foraging while we completed the seal-up are now locked out of your property and no longer an issue.

    Any raccoons remaining inside are now cut-off from their food sources, leaving them with only one option for food: the bait in our traps. It is this desperation for food that makes the trapping process successful; You may catch a raccoon without sealing, but the majority will most-likely avoid the traps.

    Other companies that only set traps, or set traps long before sealing, are either incompetently prolonging your issue or purposefully doing so to increase revenue.

    We use trapping in conjunction with sealing to ensure that we effectively remedy your situation as efficiently as possible.

  • Step Four: Sanitation and Remedial Services

    Once we are sure that we have fully eliminated the nuisance animal population from your home, we sanitize the attic with Nisus DSV.

    Nisus DSV is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, mildew stat, and fungicide that is highly effective against disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

    If necessary, we also offer full attic-restoration services, insulation blow-in, A/C duct repair, electrical wire repair, animal repellant, yard treatments, and more.

  • Step Five: Life Back to Normal

    Resume enjoying your life without stressing about raccoons. We guarantee all of our work and with our free one-year warranty, with lifetime renewal options, you won't have to worry about dealing with this problem ever again!

We are available and ready to take care of your raccoon issues immediately! Contact an expert right away at (407)692-1855 or (305)930-6602 to control any raccoon pests that have entered your home or property in Orlando, Miami, or any surrounding area.

Commonly encountered issues include:

  • Chewed A/C Ducts

    Your attic air is encapsulated from your living space. Chewed ducts make your a/c unit work harder by allowing cold air to blow into your attic, reducing its efficiency. Chewed ducts also lead to unsanitary conditions. Wildlife can use your a/c ducts to traverse your home, urinating and defecating inside the ducts; you would then be breathing in the bacteria and viruses they carry, along with being exposed to their parasites, dander, and filth.

  • Chewed Plumbing Pipes

    Nuisance wildlife can discover that your plumbing is an easy source of hydration, especially in times of extreme heat or drought. Chewed pipes can be one of the most catastrophic situations we encounter. Water damage from breached pipes can range from minor leaks, causing ceiling and drywall damage, to major flooding resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Mold follows suit, which spreads and is difficult and costly to contain; mold is also detrimental to your health and can compound already unsanitary conditions caused by the presence of wildlife.

  • Chewed Electrical Wires

    Nuisance wildlife often use electrical chases, and other areas where wires enter your home, as points of entry. They often chew these areas to make them bigger, chewing on your wires in the process. They also chew wires in your walls or attic that lay across areas that they commonly traverse. Chewed wires can cause outlets and appliances to intermittently or completely stop working. In worst case scenarios, wire damage from wildlife can cause electrical fires that can completely destroy your property and can even be lethal.

  • Damaged Insulation

    Attics are an excellent source of shelter for wildlife. Not only does it protect them from extreme variations in climate, it protects them from the elements and predators, while providing them with perfect nesting material. Besides the damage caused by nesting, they displace your insulation by tunneling, digging burrow holes, and matting it down, diminishing its R-Value and reducing its efficiency. They dirty the insulation with constant urination and defecation, as well as dander, filth, and debris. As wildlife frequent your attic, they are doing damage to your insulation, devaluing your house and making it less marketable.

Don't let any pest problems continue to linger. Protect your family and call Central and South Florida's trusted wildlife removal specialists today at (407)692-1855 or (305)930-6602!

Difficult Jobs

Whether you have a barrel- or slate-tile roof, an old home, or a trailer, our raccoon removal professionals have you covered. Other companies may have failed to seal your home or business, but we are here to help solve your problem.

Preventative Measures

Every home and business in Florida must be sealed against raccoons and other critters to increase their value. It only takes one wild animal to chew on wires or pipes to completely flood a building or burn it to the ground. Protect your property from future raccoon infestations with Proteck Wildlife Solutions. Our critter control company provides a special rate for home seal-ups.

Take Control of Your Home or Business

No one likes sharing their property with raccoons, so choose our company when you need reliable pest control services. We use the latest techniques to safely, humanely, and permanently remove these creatures from your attic, roof, and yard while preventing them from returning. As the leading critter control team in the region, we are committed to providing exceptional services.

Say goodbye to raccoons for good. Contact Proteck Wildlife Solutions today, and let our nuisance wildlife specialists help you take control of your home or business.